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American Jiu Jitsu Centers is a scenario base art, dealing with street situations.
American Jiu Jitsu teaches to deal with the street attacker both trained or untrained with an emphasis on dealing with real life Self Defense situations from grabs, weapons & law Enforcement Tactics.

Our goal is develop Mind Body Unification.

Featured Programs

American Jiu Jitsu classes are for every one and in order to guarantee the best learning environment we offer different sessions for children and adults. Classes are available for 4-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 10-13 year olds, teens and adults. Call us at (631) 360-8830 for more information and class times.


If you’re trained in the Military, Law Enforcement or other Security field I’m sure you realize the importance of additional training to sharpen you’re skills. AJJ has taught at The Pentagon and at West Point and have trained US Army Officers, DoD, US Treasury Dept, FBI, NYPD and more.


Give your children a fun and disciplined learning environment where they will learn practical self defense & anti-bully techniques. Jiu Jitsu teaches focus, discipline and goal setting; and promotes healthy self esteem and a positive attitude.


Have you ever pictured yourself wearing a black belt? Do you wonder if you could defend yourself if someone attacked you? It is never too late to start learning American Jiu Jitsu to increase your physical activity and develop your mind.


If you want to learn no nonsense self defense in a safe environment, then you should check out AJJ. O’Sensei Joe is a straight forward person, he teaches this because he loves his art and he is an excellent teacher. I can also say that many of the other instructors maintain the same high quality of instruction.

Peter M.

My kids love the children’s classes, I have been there for a few and they are spectacular. Age appropriate. All about building confidence, awareness, and self defense.

Kevin B.




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